Matan International Group Limited

MIG Consulting (Established 1984)

The North West Business Enterprise.

Registered Charity No. 1107188 - A Company limited by guarantee Registered in England No. 2446844 (Established 1986)

Registered Charity & Social Enterprise.

Consultancy Services

  • *       One-to-one handholding Business mentoring

  • *       Practical Assistance in setting up Computer Systems, Accounting Systems, Management Systems, Risk Assessment etc.

  • *       Engineering/Environmental Consultancy

  • *       Finance & Accountancy

  • *       Human resource Management

  • *       General & Operational Management

  • *       Marketing including International trade



Historical Background

The North West Business Enterprise (NWBE) was established in 1989 in the United Kingdom, as a company limited by guarantee to carry out specific projects to assist the Black and other minority groups, and disadvantaged inner city individuals and businesses. The organisation was funded and supported by the U.K Government Agencies Merseyside Task Force and Merseyside Development Corporation, and Matan & Partners Ltd. NWBE is now a charity with specific purpose of assisting the socially excluded groups in the United Kingdom and in Africa. The Trustees of NWBE, as individuals from private and public sectors, have been involved in local community, voluntary and charitable organisations in United Kingdom and internationally for many years. They are aware of the social exclusion issues within the United Kingdom in general, the depravity and the needs of the socially excluded groups in Africa, and they have extensive knowledge and contacts in these areas.


NWBE welcomes partnership and joint venture arrangements with other Charities, Social Enterprise, Community Groups, Public and Private sector organisations, in UK and Overseas.


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